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For over 15 years I have been a practicing artist/potter and have exhibited in numerous regional and national exhibitions. In addition, I have taught numerous art studio and lecture courses in a variety of educational forums including the University of Illinois at Urbana—Champaign, Houston Community College, and the Houston Museum of Fine Art's Glassell School of Art. 

Recently, I have been working to incorporate the influences of my new environment (Houston) while bringing together a series of ideas that have existed independently in previous bodies of work. I am greatly influenced by the interaction of our natural and our man-made environments, especially when these collide in areas such as Houston.” Surface and pattern have become increasingly important to the forms as I examine the variations in form that may accentuate both the visual dynamics and the physical interaction of each piece. 

Constructed of stoneware and porcelain clays the work has an animated, gestural quality that stems from a rapid approach to the material and fertile production. While the potter’s wheel is the initial tool for many of these works, many are altered with various techniques to create a greater range of form and expression. Each piece seems to draw the viewer in demanding a tactile as well as a visual reaction. The intimate scale of many pieces is quite seductive and the human form is referenced in the work while also suggested in the way that each piece may interact with the viewer.

In addition to studio work and teaching, a long history of kiln building and studio management experience is provided through workshops and consulting. I also enjoy the interaction with other artists and the opportunities that these encounters provide to meet new people and exchange ideas.

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