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Kiln Building

I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to design and build a number of kilns during my career as an artist. The photos below illustrate the fourth wood kiln I have built and the second catenary arch kiln I have built.  The design is based of Mary Roehm's kiln  at SUNY New Paltz in New York which I saw back in 1994. This is also the first time I have been responsible for every aspect of a kiln building project from start to finish.  

Step 1: Building the roof.  Actually I didn't have to build the roof or pour the pad, but this is the first time I was responsible for all aspects of the kiln.  

This started with the design process. Next I had to work with the architect to ensure the concrete pad would support the kilns weight and that a roof would cover the kiln safely. The pole barn structure matches the construction of the studio.

Step 2: Construction

We have spent several weekends building the foundation and are almost ready to start building the arch form.

In the background you can see the rather large pile of wood collected for firings.

Now we have the arch in place! 

Visible are the 3 primary air ports for the right side of the kiln and the tiny grate holes just above for the firebox rebar grating.

Almost done.

Here you can see we have the chimney up and are completing the front and back walls of the kiln.  The tarp is in place to protect the fireclay mortar from washing away until we cover the kiln with fiber and a castable coating.

Next: Firing the wood kiln.


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